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Our passion for raspberries has guided us along a path to research all parts of the raspberry plant.

In 2016 Lamponella® project began. It was Summer morning. While Mammo was looking at green and beautiful leaves on raspberry plants, he wondered how to use them.

“I’ve never loved studying, but sometimes doing research becomes fascinating: the potential of
raspberry leaves left me breathless and with little sleep”

In that sleepless night, Mammo decided to create an innovative product with a strong personality… so it happened.

Lamponella® is a ready-to-drink herbal tea made from raspberry leaves

It is made exclusively with the leaves grown and harvested in the raspberry grove of our farm in Monti Cimini.

Here our raspberry plants grow in the open field shaded by centuries-old chestnut grove, in an environment with a high biodiversity rate.

Their leaves are gathered by hand while they are still growing and are immediately dried in our laboratory in Viterbo.

In this way, we are able to preserve their intense taste, flavor and aroma in their full expression and keep them until to the infusion.

We have enclosed the intense scent and delicate herbaceous flavor of fresh raspberry leaves in Lamponella® bottled with no paper labels, saving 100% of paper and about 90% of ink.

We can say: we discovered “Columbus egg”. In facts, raspberry leaf herbal tea has been known since ancient times as “Venus herbal tea” because the myth tells the goddess discovered raspberry in Mount Ida. That’s why the scientific name is Rubus Idaeus, “bramble from Mount Ida”.

But Lamponella® is not only made by the Sun and the Earth, by myth and history. It is the result of our research and our will, experience, determination and love for the job we have chosen to do.

Drink Lamponella

Lamponi dei Monti Cimini - Lamponella - Estate Inverno

Are you ready to change your way of thinking the herbal tea time?

Lamponella® is available sugar-free, slightly sweet and with stevia. These three Lamponella® are always ready to drink: cold in Summer, hot in Winter.

Drink Lamponella® all year long and all day.

The glass bottle allows you to cool down Lamponella® in the fridge or warm Lamponella® in microwave in less than a minute, after removing the cap.

Lamponi dei Monti Cimini - Lamponella - schema preparazione

Lamponella® Best Clients

Lamponi dei Monti Cimini - Lamponella - Rosanna Stoppani

Rosanna Stoppani

B&B dei Papi Boutique Hotel – Viterbo

At her charming B&B, Rosanna makes an art of welcoming her guests. Her historic home blends old and new thanks to Rosanna’s taste in contemporary design. Each guest, upon entering their room, is welcomed with a special drink: Lamponella® displayed in its own wooden showcase.

Lamponi dei Monti Cimini - Lamponella - Mario Di Dato

Mario Di Dato

Ristorante O’Sarracino – Viterbo

In his restaurant and pizzeria we the cuisine of Naples meets the products of Tuscia, Mario spoils his diners by offering them the choice of an expresso or Lamponella®, ready to drink herbal tea made from raspberry leaves as a finishing touch to their meal.

Manfredi Samperi

Al Settantasette – Viterbo

Manfredi and his brother Orlando opened Al 77 to give people a place to “drink well”. When he creates a new cocktail Manfredi selects the best ingredients and lets the aromas guide him, looking for both balance and harmony. He has now found that Lamponella® serves as an excellent base for his creations.

Alessandra Biagini

Terme Salus Hotel – Viterbo

Alessandra, the manager of Terme Salus Hotel, has found in Lamponella® the perfect complement to enrich her guests experience of relaxation and well-being. At the spa hotel Lamponella® is available in the herbal tea corner. There is a microwave oven nearby to allow guests to heat their beverage.

Martina e Federica

Amiche per la pelle Centro Estetico – Viterbo

Colleagues and friends, Martina and Federica, love to establish a relationship of cooperation and trust with their clients. During meetings they offer hot or cold Lamponella® to put their clients at ease and retain them with that “touch of friendship”, typical of an herbal tea with friends.