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Raspberries the dream of a lifetime


Our company started long before its official foundation:

Massimiliano, Mammo to his friends, from the time he was ten, loved the snow and the mountains and always dreamed of having a raspberry plant in his garden.











In 2011, after having lived in London and aeten fresh raspberries every day, Mammo planted the first sucker in her parents’ garden, under centuries-old chestnut trees with a view of Faggeta Vetusta del Monte Cimino, an ancient beech wood recognized as a UNESCO heritage.

Here, at an altitude of 800 m, there is a particular mountain microclimate ideal for raspberry, which thrives in an ecosystem with a high degree of biodiversity.

With time, things change and only fools remain firm on certain positions. Several years have passed since Mammo decided to create his farm focused on the cultivation of raspberries: numerous experiences, travels and meetings have brought ideas, satisfactions, disappointments, experiments, innovations, reflections and friends.

Starting from a garden – a land of just one hectare where the rows of raspberries played chasing each other among centuries-old chestnut trees – he came to understand who he is and what he likes to do: Lamponi dei Monti Cimini is above all research and innovation, which develops between the imagination and technique, to get the best from the wonderful encounter between Nature and Human Thinking.

Our company has evolved: from agriculture to processing!

We specialized in selecting the best raspberries and we met many exceptional growers who always have something to teach us. We improved the processing of raw materials and we discovered that there are many talented artisans from whom we still have a lot to learn.

In our laboratory in Viterbo, every day something happens to smile about, because we always have the opportunity to gain new skills in the constant search to improve products and our dream.

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In our evolution path we have never been alone: ​​we have treasured all the feedback from the people who have used our products.

We love to see how they bring joy to your recipes and how often they find new uses in your hands that we would never have imagined!

Thanks to all our friends!

Every day we work to become better and better: we are not the best, but we do our best to be the best.

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