Lamponi dei Monti Cimini - B2B

This area is dedicated to B2B customers. This products line is designed for HO.RE.CA. and
professionals specialized in food gift.

Raspberry Puree

Our professional product made up of 100% raspberry pulp and juice, without seeds, with no added sugars. Ideal for brewing, ice cream, pastry, bakery, restaurant, catering, mixology.

Raspberry compote

Unique and original. Our first love, in large jar for professional use. With no pectin, fructose and other additives. Ideal for hotels, catering, bars and cafes, street food formats, restaurants.

Raspberry Dolce

Sugar turns pink, thanks to the raspberry pulp. Used to add color and flavor to any preparation of ice cream, pastry, bar and cafeteria, mixology.

Raspberry Crystals

One of our iconic products: Unicorn Feed. In packaging for professional use. Ideal for ice cream, pastry, bakery, food gifts, mixology, bars and cafes.

Gift box

Our products are perfect gift items. The packaging and the image are treated in detail and an efficient and reliable order processing process are our strengths. All our products are often purchased to be given as gifts on different occasions and situations: weddings, baptisms, conferences, corporate and promotional events… Contact us to receive a customized quotation with the best offer for the product you have chosen.